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May Sinclair was a novelist, poet, philosopher, translator, and critic. She was both popular and extremely prolific, writing twenty-three novels, thirty-nine short stories, and several poetry collections throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As a critic she promoted the work of Ezra Pound and the Imagist poets, and the novelist Dorothy Richardson, among others. She also wrote works of philosophy, and was actively involved in the key issues of her day: writing pamphlets for the suffrage movement, studying and propagating psycho-analytic thought, reviewing and responding to the birth of modernism, Vorticism and imagism. She even visited Belgium as part of an ambulance unit at the beginning of the First World War.

Follow the links above to read a brief biography of May Sinclair, and short articles on Sinclair and the First World War, her interest in Psychology and the phrase ‘stream of consciousness': Sinclair was the first person to use this phrase in a literary context. If you would like to contribute an article then please get in touch.

The May Sinclair Society was founded in July 2013 by Rebecca Bowler, Claire Drewery and Suzanne Raitt as a hub for modernist scholars, and as a means of promoting Sinclair’s work. In July 2014, Sheffield Hallam University hosted our first International Symposium of the May Sinclair Society, which was well-attended by academic scholars and members of Sinclair’s own family. The day-symposium was followed by a trip to Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales, where a walk taking in the settings for some of Sinclair’s novels was kindly hosted by Helen Clifford of the Swaledale Museum. Plans to publish critical editions of Sinclair’s works are underway.

If you would like to be on the May Sinclair Society mailing list, send an e-mail to our address here – maysinclairsociety@sheffield.ac.uk

Rebecca Bowler, Claire Drewery and Suzanne Raitt (co-founders)

9 Responses to Welcome to our Homepage

  1. Dear All,

    Delighted to have joined this Society. I am curator of the Swaledale Museum in Reeth, North Yorkshire. May stayed here for a few summers writing Mary Olivier and The Three Sisters. We have identified many of the places, people and walks she based these books on. Perhaps the Society would like to visit at some time, have a mini workshop here? Very best wishes, Helen (Clifford)

  2. Lucy London says:

    Very pleased to see May Sinclair recognised at last. Thank you all. Best Wishes Lucy London

  3. Matt Foley says:

    This is a great opportunity to give May Sinclair the widespread intellectual recognition that her writings deserve. Very exciting! Certainly, a number of scholars of the Gothic will be interested as well as modernists.

  4. John McRae says:

    Have long been a champion of May Sinclair’s work, and was determined to give her due justice in our ROUTLEDGE HISTORY OF LITERATURE IN ENGLISH (new edition on the way). Also gave a talk on her in Mexico City once, for the Virginia Woolf Chair of Women’s Writing. Time to get more of the novels back into circulation.

  5. Suzanne Clark says:

    This looks fascinating, and as a descendant of May (my maternal grandmother was May’s niece Wilda) I’m intrigued by the work of the May Sinclair Society, and will really hope to attend the event in July 2014.

  6. Carl Wells says:

    I am writing a book on the fiction of May Sinclair’s friend Gwendoline Keats (pen name Zack). Your information or comments would be very welcome. Thank you.

  7. Louise Edensor says:

    Delighted that May Sinclair now has her own society and I look forward to reading (and hopefully contributing) to articles on here! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the symposium. Will any of the papers be published or available on here later in the year?

  8. Very interested to learn about May Sinclair. I live in Reeth and my daughter won the Sinclair Essay prize at Reeth school for her essay about the river Swale In 1980. I have just learned from Helen in the Reeth museum that May lived in the village for 2mths of the yr to write. So excited to start reading her work.

    • Come and see the panel we have in the Swaledale Museum in Reeth on May Sinclair, and join us for Anne Henderson’s talk in the Museum on 12th August 2015 (7.30 pm), on May and Women’s Suffrage in Swaledale – preceded by a walk by both of us round May’s Reeth at 3pm, start in the Museum! (Between 2-3 pm we have a screening of pictures of our Textile Collection – so a busy day!). Perhaps we could include May in your International Rag Rug extravaganza in 2016?

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