The Edinburgh Critical Editions of the Works of May Sinclair: individual volume editors announced.

It’s been a busy summer for the May Sinclair Society and for the General Editors on the critical editions project. Our call for editors for the critical editions had an overwhelming response and we are delighted to announce the line-up of individual volume editors and the shape of the editions project.

The Edinburgh Critical Editions of the Works of May Sinclair will be published in themed tranches: ‘Philosophy and Mysticism’, ‘Psychology and Genius’, ‘Women, War and Feminism’, ‘Social Satire’ and ‘Social Realism’. Within these tranches, non-fiction and fiction appear side by side so that the dialogues between each can be explored. The Sinclair editions will position Sinclair as philosopher, psychologist, and cultural historian as well as novelist. Work on the first tranche is already underway.

Philosophy and Mysticism

Collected Shorter Fiction vol. 1 (1895-1912) ed. by Claire Drewery and Luke Thurston

A Defence of Idealism (1917) ed. by Claire Drewery and Colin Tyler

Mary Olivier: A Life (1919) ed. by Rebecca Bowler and Claire Drewery

The New Idealism (1922) ed. by Rebecca Bowler and James Connelly

Arnold Waterlow: A Life (1924) ed. by Rebecca Bowler

Psychology and Genius

The Divine Fire (1904) ed. by Claire Drewery

The Creators: A Comedy (1910) ed. by Vicki Mahaffey and Wendy Truran

The Three Brontës (1912) ed. by Gerri Kimber

Collected Shorter Fiction vol. 2 (1913-1931) ed. by Paul March-Russell

The Three Sisters (1914) ed. by Howard Finn

Life and Death of Harriett Frean (1922) ed. by Charlotte Beyer

Women, War and Feminism

The Helpmate (1907) ed. by Charlotte Jones

Kitty Tailleur (1908) ed. by Annalise Grice

A Journal of Impressions in Belgium (1915) ed. by Laurel Forster

The Tree of Heaven (1917) ed. by George Johnson

The Romantic (1920) ed. by Stephanie Jones

Anne Severn and the Fieldings (1922) ed. by Andrew Frayn

Collected Non-Fiction (1882-1928) ed. by Sanna Melin Schyllert and Leigh Wilson

Social Realism

The Combined Maze (1913) ed. by Chrissie Van Mierlo and Wim Van Mierlo

Tasker Jeavons: The Real Story/The Belfry (1916), ed by Rebecca Bowler

Far End (1926), ed. by Leslie de Bont

The Allinghams (1927), ed. by Faye Pickrem

History of Anthony Waring (1927), tbc.

Social Satire

Audrey Craven (1897), ed. by Anna Girling

Mr and Mrs Nevill Tyson/The Tysons (1898), ed. by Faye Pickrem

Mr Waddington of Wyck (1921), ed. by Isobel Maddison

A Cure of Souls (1924), ed. by Joanna Scutts

The Rector of Wyck (1925), ed. by Aoife Byrne


Two volumes in the later tranches are as yet unclaimed, and will be assigned further down the line.

We’ve also been busy writing the editorial handbook, beginning grant applications, and presenting the editions at conferences: BAMS Modernist Life (a special panel on editing Sinclair’s philosophical works, with Rebecca Bowler, James Connelly, Claire Drewery, and Colin Tyler), Remaking the New: Modernism and Textual Scholarship, and ICVWW’s Reassessing Women Writers 1900s-1910s. Here’s Rebecca Bowler presenting on editing Mary Olivier and Arnold Waterlow at Remaking the New, Queen Mary University, 13 July 2017.

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